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      Muharram, Ashura and Shia Muslims (The true face of Shia Muslims)
Ashura Photos by: Hossein

The following photos are taken in the day of Ashura in Iran and Iraq. In this day, Shia Muslims mourn for the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS), his brother Abalfazl and other companions, killed in the Batlle of Karbal (61 AH) in a brutally manner.

In this day Shia Muslims, word wide, march in the streets, weep for Imam Hussein and mourn in different styles like striking on chest and singing plaintive songs. Some small minorities also perform self flagellation which is prohibited by several Grand Ayatollahs.

Ashura 2014 - Iraq - Karbala - عاشورا 1393 کربلا Ashura 2014 - Karbala عاشورا 1393 کربلا Ashura 2014 in Iran - عاشورا 1393 در ایران Ashura 2014 in Iran - عاشورا 1393 در ایران  Ashura 2014 in Iran - عاشورا 1393 در ایران Ashura 2014 in Iran - عاشورا 1393 در ایران  Ashura 2014 in Iran - عاشورا 1393 در ایران Ashura 2014 in Iran - عاشورا 1393 در ایران  Ashura 2014 in Iran - عاشورا 1393 در ایران Ashura 2014 in Iran - عاشورا 1393 در ایران  Ashura 2014 in Iran - عاشورا 1393 در ایران Ashura 2014 in Iran - عاشورا 1393 در ایران  Ashura 2014 in Iran - عاشورا 1393 در ایران Ashura 2014 in Iran - عاشورا 1393 در ایران  Ashura 2014 - Karbala عاشورا 1393 کربلا Ashura 2014 - Karbala عاشورا 1393 کربلا

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Mukhtar-Thaqafi TV Series with English Subtitle by: Hossein
This series is based on Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi who was an early Islamic revolutionary who led an uprising against the Bani-Umayyah Caliphs (60s AH or 670s AD). During the battle of Karbala, Mukhtar was in the prison of Ibne-Ziad. A few years later, he gathered his companions and decided to take vengeance for the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS). He killed almost all of the important people, participated in the battle of Karbala against Imam Hussayn (AS). Finally he took the leadership of Kufah for a short time. He was the Arab hero who could overcome the events and lead the greatest social revolt. He adopted political and social justice, and accomplished equal opportunities among the people, regardless of their nations and religions. 
Mukhtar Nameh - Iranian TV Series about living of Mukhtar Mukhtar Name - Top Scenes
If you want to be familiar with some Shia beliefs, the event of Ashura in Karbala, and several uprisings after it, we recommend to see this interesting series. This film is in Persian / Farsi with English subtitles and The film was also approved by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. You can watch or download the whole series, in Qul site: Mukhtar Narrative. Also you can find this series in YouTube: Mukhtar Narrative HQ:
Please see the first part here:
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Arbaeen - Million March Towards Hussein by: Hossein
Arbaeen is the 40th day after Ashura in which Imam Hussein (as) and his companions martyred. In Arbaein, due to some historical documents, Imam Sajjad (AS), Hazrat Zeinab (the sister of Imam Hussein), and some other relatives of the Imam, came back to Karbala and mourned for Imam and other martyrs of the Ashura.
After Saddam, walking to Karbala was released. Since then, every year, millions of Shia Muslims from all over the world travel to Karbala, the holy city of Iraq, to commemorate the religious ceremony of Arbaeen, the 40th day after the martyrdom of the third Shia Imam.
The walk from Najaf to Karbala is one of the most enlightening acts of worship a pilgrim can perform. The suffering and hardship imposed on the family of Imam Hussain (as) and the grandchildren of Prophet Muhammad (s) is felt in every step, and thus the love and respect for this holy family increases in the heart of the believer with every step that is taken towards the holy land of Karbala.
The following video from AhlulBayt TV is an interview with people dealing with the event of Arbaeen 2013 in Iraq: (Link in Youtube)

On Arbaeen 2013 about 18 Millions pilgrims walked from Najaf to Karbala. Nowadays Iraqi People are preparing for Arbaeen 2014 on December 13.

See also:
Some Photos of Arbaeen 2013

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Hadith from Imam Hussein about Crying by: Hossein

Imam Hussain (AS), the third Imam of Shia Muslims, martyred in the battle of Karbala in 61 AH (680 AD). His holy shrine in Karbala is the most interested place for Shia Muslims to be visited. Before he was martyred, he said that his martyrdom will produce a movement within Muslims and whenever a believer recalls the event of Ashura, he will cry for it. Now, after about 1400 years, Muslims mourn and lament for Imam Hussein and take Majalis for him and his companions:

Crying for Imam Hossein

»Imam Hussein (AS)


أَنَا قَتِیلُ الْعَبْرَةِ لَا یَذْکُرُنِی مُؤْمِنٌ إِلَّا بَکَى‏
فا: من کشته اشکم، هیچ مومنی مرا یاد نمی‌کند مگر اینکه گریه می‌کند

»Kamel-Alziarat, Page 109

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Self Flagellation with Knives or Swords or Chains of Blades Forbidden in Shia by: Hossein
Unfortunately some minorities of Shia around the world, specially in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, mourn in the day of Ashura in Muharram in such a way that no sane person can confirm it. They harm themselves with some type of blades and say that we love Imam Hussein! 
Every year, hundreds of photos of these ceremonies are distributed over the web and if someone, unfamiliar with Shia believes, saw these pictures, he may think: o damn!, what an unconscionable religion!

However, almost all grand Ayatollahs of Shia prohibited these type of mourning. For example, Imam Khamenei, about 20 years ago said:

Tatbir is one of the wrong doings. I know some will say: “It would have been proper if he had not talked about Tatbir.” They will say: “What do you have to do with Tatbir? Some people practice it, let them do so!” No! One cannot remain silent towards such a wrong action.
It is wrong that some people hold daggers and hit themselves on the head to bleed. What are they seeking?! How can this be an act of mourning?! Of course hitting on the head with one’s hands is a sign of mourning. You have seen it several times that when people face suffering, they hit on their chests and heads. This is a typical symbol of mourning. But where have you ever seen a person who is suffering from the loss of a dear one, hit on their head with a dagger and make it bleed?! How can this be a form of mourning?
#Tatbir [#QameZani] is a fabricated tradition. It is among the issues that does not belong to the religion and undoubtedly God is not also pleased with such a practice.
The more I thought about it, the more truly I realized I cannot overlook informing our dear people about Tatbir- which is certainly an act of wrongdoing and a heresy. Do not practice it! I do not approve of it. If someone does something to pretend that they want to practice Tatbir, I will be truly dissatisfied with them. I am declaring this solemnly.
Ayatollah #Khamenei, June 07, 1994

Self Flagellation is forbidden in Shia

Tatbir In View of Imam Khamenei

This act, that is well-supported by western news channels like BBC, CNN and others, is also prohibited in Quran:

And spend in the way of Allah and do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction. And do good; indeed, Allah loves the doers of good.

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Ashura 2014 by: Hossein

In Muharram 2014, Supreme leader of Iran held some Majalis in his Husseiniye. In these meetings, some prominent Shia mullah speaks about Ashura uprising and scarifices of Imam Hussein and his companions. Then he talks about disasters imposed on Hussein (AS), his followers, women and daughters and people cry on these sorrows. After this, a Maddah sings some poetry and people mourn for Imam Hossein and his companions in Karbala. Typical Mourning in Iran is striking on chest with hands, known as SinehZani. Some other types of mourning like Tatbir (Self-mutilation, Flagellation or GhameZani) which may be seen in other countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are forbidden in Iran, due to the Fatwa of Imam Khamenei.

The following photos are taken in the day of Ashura 2014 in Beyte-Rahbari (Husseiniye of Imam Khomeini in Iran):

Ashura Azadari in Ashura

Photo of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

Pictures of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

Photo of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

Photo of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

Photo of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

Women Mourning for Imam Hussein

Imam Khamenei Mourns in Ashura 2014

Maourning in Muharram for Imam Hussein

Mourning for Hussein

Photo of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

Pictures of Mourning in Ashura

Photo of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

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Muharram Ashura Photo Gallery by: Hossein

Peace be on you, O Abaa Abdullah, and on those souls who came to your camp to put themselves at your disposal; so far I am alive and the days and nights follow each other. I invoke Allah to send blessings on you for ever and ever. May Allah not make my this pledge of close association, physical as well as spiritual, with you the last fulfillment. Peace be on Hussein, and on Ali son of Hussein, and on the children of Hussein, and on the friends of Hussein.[Part of Ziarat Ashura of Imam Hussein]

The following pictures, are some interesting wallpapers about Muharram, Ashura and Karbala, I gathered throughout the web. I wish you love these beautiful images and bless me in your prayers. To download the entire 40 pictures of Muharram click on the following link:

Download 40 Wallpapers about Muharram, Ashura and Karbala




See the complete gallery of Ashura and Muharram Wallpapers here.

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Some Hadith-Wallpapers About Ashura and Imam Hussein
تبلیغ شیعه در اینترنت

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My First Muharram by: Hossein

Dr. Rebecca Masterton was a Sunni Muslim. After a visit of Haram of Seyyedeh Zeinab in Syria, she found new things in Islam. See the following interesting video, in which she describes her experience of converting to Shia.

Some sentences of the interview:
I can detect that there are something different in the Haram of Seyyede Zeinab (SA).
You can just feel something different in Haram from other places in the city.
It was raining in the day of Ashura in Tehran and I was thinking, you know, the sky is crying for Imam Hussein (AS).
After return to London I start going to the Majalis of Imam Hussein (AS).
In Majalis, they were recounting the details of the history of Karbala.
He (professor) was giving a series over the ten nights [of Muharram].
I am pleased with your decree, Imam Hussein (AS) said...
[After hearing the lectures] I realized that sacrifice of Imam Hussein (As) is essential to Islam... It was a necessary sacrifice for us to realize the truth of the message of Islam.
You can't really understand the proper message of Islam, Tohid, if you don't understand the sacrifice of Imam Hossein(AS)
Some one make a comment online: well you know, lots of people died in Hiroshima, so why you crying on this number of people who died in the battle of Karbala?
The issue is not about numbers. Its about what the Imam stood for. Its about Imams purity, innocence...

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In Memory of Thirst of Imam Hussein during Ashura by: Hossein

Some pictures of Salavati Stations in Muharram in Memory of thirst of Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions during Tasua and Ashura.
Salavati stations are pantries, provided by Shia muslims, where tea or hot milk is distributed freely.
Mashhad, Iran

Salavati Station Muharram Ashura

Salavati Station Muharram Ashura

Salavati Station Muharram Ashura

Salavati Station Muharram Ashura


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Hadith about Imam Hussein by: Hossein

Hadith abour Muharram. Crying on Hussein (AS)

Imam Reza (AS):

When my grand father Hussain (AS) was killed, the sky rained blood and red clay; O son of Shobeib if you cry so that your tears flow on your cheeks, God forgive your sins, small or coarse and more or less

Al-Amali of Sheikh Sadoogh

امام رضا علیه السلام
چون جدم حسین (ع) کشته شد آسمان خون و خاک سرخ بارید؛ ای پسر شبیب اگر بر حسین گریه کنی تا اشکت بر گونه ‏هایت روان شود خدا هر گناهی کردی از خرد و درشت و کم و بیش بیامرزد
الأمالی (للصدوق) / ترجمه کمره ‏ای، ص: 130

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