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      Muharram, Ashura and Shia Muslims (The true face of Shia Muslims)
River in heaven for Hassanein - Inna Fil Jannati - Song by Sami Yusuf by: Shia Muslim
Sami Yusuf, Islamic singer, releases his haunting new debut single “Inna Fil Jannati” from his new album Barakah (scheduled for release 01 Feb 2016). This beautiful traditional Islamic piece and poem is about the love for the Ahl al-Bayt (or household of the Prophet [pbuh]).  In a narration (Bihar AlAnvar, V 44, P 194) from the prophet, its said that this poem is narrated by Gabriel for Imam Hassan (as) and Imam Hussein (as), sons of Fatiam (sa) while they were in cradle. 
Surely, a river of milk flows in heaven For the sake of Ali, Hussein, and Hassan Whosoever loves them Enters Paradise without sadness Love of #AhlulBeyt (prophets family) is obligatory to us And with this love we do not fear tribulations
إن فی الجنّة نهرً من لبن
لعلیٍّ و حسینٍ و حسن
کلُّ من کان مُحبً لهمُ(و)
یَدخُل الجنّةَ من غیرِ حزن
حبُّ اهلِ البیتِ فرضٌ عندنـا
وبهذا الحبِّ لا نَـخشی المِحَنْ
Poem of the Gabriel for Imam Ali, Hassan and Hussein (as) - Singer Sami Yusuf - Shia Truth
Listen to this song from Sami Yusuf, Islamic Singer.
See more Shia Quotes at Shia Truth.

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Ashura 2014 by: Shia Muslim

In Muharram 2014, Supreme leader of Iran held some Majalis in his Husseiniye. In these meetings, some prominent Shia mullah speaks about Ashura uprising and scarifices of Imam Hussein and his companions. Then he talks about disasters imposed on Hussein (AS), his followers, women and daughters and people cry on these sorrows. After this, a Maddah sings some poetry and people mourn for Imam Hossein and his companions in Karbala. Typical Mourning in Iran is striking on chest with hands, known as SinehZani. Some other types of mourning like Tatbir (Self-mutilation, Flagellation or GhameZani) which may be seen in other countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are forbidden in Iran, due to the Fatwa of Imam Khamenei.

The following photos are taken in the day of Ashura 2014 in Beyte-Rahbari (Husseiniye of Imam Khomeini in Iran):

Ashura Azadari in Ashura

Photo of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

Pictures of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

Photo of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

Photo of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

Photo of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

Women Mourning for Imam Hussein

Imam Khamenei Mourns in Ashura 2014

Maourning in Muharram for Imam Hussein

Mourning for Hussein

Photo of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

Pictures of Mourning in Ashura

Photo of Mourning in Ashura in Iran

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Imam Mahdi (ATFS) from Sunni point of view by: Shia Muslim
Even if the entire duration of the world's existence has already been exhausted and only one day is left before Doomsday (Day of judgment), Allah will expand that day to such a length of time, as to accommodate the kingdom of a person out of my Ahlul-Bayt who is called by my name. He will then fill out the earth with peace and justice as it will have been full of injustice and tyranny before then. Sahih Tirmidhi along with 24 other Sunni sources

Jamkaran Mosque, A Mosque under Imam Mohammad AlMahdi's Attention

This narrative is very similar to those of Shiites but Sunnis think that Imam Mahdi (AS) is not alive and it may not be born yet. Shia on the other hand says that Mahdi (AS) is alive and he is son of Imam Hassan Askari (AS) the 11th Imam of Shiites. This confirms the above narrative that emphasizes Imam Mahdi is from Ahlul-Bayt. It is also compatible with the Hadith that tells: If someone die and don't recognize his Imam he is died in the way of Jaheliyah (Era before the Prophet (SAWA) ). To know our Imams it must be alive.
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Imam: the light of Allah by: Shia Muslim

Abukhalid Kaboli said: I asked Imam Bagher (as) about the verse of Quran: 

So believe in Allah and His Messenger and the Light which We have sent down. And Allah is Acquainted with what you do. (Quran, Chapter 64, verse 8)
Imam said: Oh AbaKhalid, swear by God purpose of the light is Imams of Äl-e-Muhammad (PBUH) until doomsday. I swear to God that they are the light sent down; they are light of Allah in heavens and the earth. 
Oh Abakhalid, swear by God the light of Imam in heart of the believers is brighter than light of the sun at noon. Swear by God, Imams make hearts of the believers bright and shiny, and Allah will hide their light from anyone he want, so their hearts will be dark. 
Oh Abakhalid, no one like us and follow us unless Allah has been cleaned his heart and Allah wont clean heart of someone unless he surrenders to us and makes peace with us and then Allah will keep him away from hard interrogation and he is safe from the great fear of Doomsday. (Osule Kafi, Vol 1, Page 276)

Arabic and Farsi:

الْحُسَیْنُ بْنُ مُحَمّدٍ عَنْ مُعَلّى بْنِ مُحَمّدٍ عَنْ عَلِیّ بْنِ مِرْدَاسٍ قَالَ حَدّثَنَا صَفْوَانُ بْنُ یَحْیَى وَ الْحَسَنُ بْنُ مَحْبُوبٍ عَنْ أَبِی أَیّوبَ عَنْ أَبِی خَالِدٍ الْکَابُلِیّ قَالَ سَأَلْتُ أَبَا جَعْفَرٍ (ع) عَنْ قَوْلِ اللّهِ عَزّ وَ جَلّ فَآمِنُوا بِاللّهِ وَ رَسُولِهِ وَ النّورِ الّذِی أَنْزَلْنا فَقَالَ یَا أَبَا خَالِدٍ النّورُ وَ اللّهِ الْأَئِمّةُ مِنْ آلِ مُحَمّدٍ ص إِلَى یَوْمِ الْقِیَامَةِ وَ هُمْ وَ اللّهِ نُورُ اللّهِ الّذِی أَنْزَلَ وَ هُمْ وَ اللّهِ نُورُ اللّهِ فِی السّمَاوَاتِ وَ فِی الْأَرْضِ وَ اللّهِ یَا أَبَا خَالِدٍ لَنُورُ الْإِمَامِ فِی قُلُوبِ الْمُؤْمِنِینَ أَنْوَرُ مِنَ الشّمْسِ الْمُضِیئَةِ بِالنّهَارِ وَ هُمْ وَ اللّهِ یُنَوّرُونَ قُلُوبَ الْمُؤْمِنِینَ وَ یَحْجُبُ اللّهُ عَزّ وَ جَلّ نُورَهُمْ عَمّنْ یَشَاءُ فَتُظْلَمُ قُلُوبُهُمْ وَ اللّهِ یَا أَبَا خَالِدٍ لَا یُحِبّنَا عَبْدٌ وَ یَتَوَلّانَا حَتّى یُطَهّرَ اللّهُ قَلْبَهُ وَ لَا یُطَهّرُ اللّهُ قَلْبَ عَبْدٍ حَتّى یُسَلّمَ لَنَا وَ یَکُونَ سِلْماً لَنَا فَإِذَا کَانَ سِلْماً لَنَا سَلّمَهُ اللّهُ مِنْ شَدِیدِ الْحِسَابِ وَ آمَنَهُ مِنْ فَزَعِ یَوْمِ الْقِیَامَةِ الْأَکْبَرِ. (اصول کافى جلد ١ صفحه: ٢٧۶ روایة: ١)

ابو خالد کابلی گوید از امام باقر علیه السلام پرسیدم تفسیر قول خدای عزوجل را (سوره تغابن آیه 8) (بخدا و رسولش و نوری که فرستاده‏ ایم ایمان آورید) فرمود: ای ابا خالد بخدا سوگند که مقصود از نور، ائمه از آل محمد(ص) باشند تا روز قیامت، بخدا که ایشانند همان نور خدا که فرو فرستاده، بخدا که ایشانند نور خدا در آسمانها و زمین، بخدا ای ابا خالد، نور امام در دل مؤمنین از نور خورشید تابان در روز، روشن‏تر است، بخدا که ائمه دلهای مؤمنین را منور سازند و خدا از هر کس خواهد نور ایشان را پنهان دارد، پس دل آنها تاریک گردد، بخدا ای ابا خالد بنده‏ای ما را دوست ندارد و از ما پیروی نکند تا اینکه خدا قلبش را پاکیزه کرده باشد و خدا قلب بنده‏ای را پاکیزه نکند تا اینکه تلسیم ما شده و با ما آشتی کرده باشد (یک رنگ شده باشد و سازگار) و چون با ما سازش کرد خدا از حساب سخت نگاهش دارد و از هراس بزرگ روز قیامت ایمنش سازد.
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